At Your Disposal, Have A

Multi-Disciplinary Marketing Team

Your business has marketing needs, and it takes a team to put all the pieces in place.

From the website to sales materials it takes a range of skills to design and create all the marketing materials necessary to run a successful business.

Introducing the
Business Champion!

We are offering monthly packages that give you access to a team of marketing professionals to become an extension of your team to execute the marketing initiatives you may not have the internal resources or time for. We will work together, strengthen and grow your brand by offering you a package to suit all your needs.

We will create a plan to fit your budget now, while encouraging ongoing growth for your business. Much like growing your business by building healthy relationships with your clients, the Subscription-Based “Business Champion” is designed to nurture ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships between your company and Office Guardians, and most importantly, helps you to continue to meet both the needs of your customers and the goals you’ve set for your business.

Although our monthly plans are not fixed (they are month-to-month agreements), we expect to work with our Monthly Managed Clients for a period of at least four months in order to start challenging the existing problems and beginning to drive positive results in your Marketing.

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This is a fully customizable package!

Use our diverse skill set to get whatever your business needs to grow. You have an established business but you need to reach the next level. You have your logo, you have a functioning website, you need something more. 10 or more hours a month of on-going marketing assistance. Your month to month items change as your company’s needs changes. Here are some items you could choose from a monthly package:

  1. SEO for your entire website
  2. Reoccurring Google AdWords Campaign
  3. Website edits & updates
  4. Social media posts
  5. Ad design
  6. Social media strategy plan

Included in each monthly package is 1 hour of consulting time. This will help your projects stay on track; allow your company to be agile and pivot with market changes, and adjust to new business needs on an on-going basis.

Let Office Guardians be an extension of your team to help make your business more successful!

Did you know that businesses that set goals for their website and continue to work towards meeting those goals after it is launched see better results, increased traffic and have higher conversion rates than those who just put it online and hope for the best? Traditionally, a business owner would pay a large lump sum for a website to be designed and built. The designer creates the site, launches it, and is done. After the site is live, the web designer will perform changes and upgrades for an hourly fee. This means the business must balance the needs of their ongoing web marketing with their cash flow.

So now you know that the subscription-based model is perfectly suited for agencies and clients, now all that is left is to contact Office Guardians to help set you up with the subscription that best suits your businesses needs.

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Our Clients love the full-service subscription based approach to working with an agency.

Having a subscription with Office Guardians allows your business the ability to form long-term relationships with your marketing agency. Office Guardians will learn about your business inside and out. When new needs arise you no longer have to vet a service provider or multiple providers. The intros are handled so you can move on to the meat of a project, and save every time.

Working with an agency long-term helps skim away the distractions. Instead of focusing on making this brochure or building that ad design the focus shifts to moving your business forward with results that look at the big picture instead of the one-off projects.

When a problem arises Office Guardians can adjust the existing plan to help pull in a win for your business. If your Tradeshow prep needs to add another layer of resources or if your online ads aren’t pulling in the expected numbers; Office Guardians can help you pivot to make the necessary changes on a moments notice.

New projects with a marketing agency can be costly. Throughout the course of the project, budgets can be exceeded, with a subscription-based model, unless you pivoted to add new services or out of scope requests, your monthly fee remains constant.

Choosing a marketing agency that has your best & most successful plan in mind is the most important thing. Once you find that agency you will want to stick with them for the long haul, so long as they keep providing you with great services. To bounce from agency to agency is going to have a negative impact on your bottom-line. So find the agency that is best for you and then stick with them, in the subscription-based model you will have a dedicated account manager that will help make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Subscription based services is not a new thing. You have your Netflix account, Dropbox account, Sales Force, maybe even your Dollar Shave Club. You know it makes more sense to get access to thousands of shows, cloud storage, your CRM, and more through the a subscription based model, all the reasons for choosing those subscriptions is the same for choosing a marketing based-subscription model.

When you reach out to us, we’ll get in contact for a website or company audit and to learn more about your business. From there, we’ll work with you to decide the types of services and amount of hours that best fit your budget and goals.



Office Guardians Marketing Solutions can also help you with: print, apparel, signage, displays, promotional swag, corporate collateral, website development & maintenance, social media management, content development, copywriting, videography, photography, SEO, SEM and Lead Generation. We can help your business with just about anything, ask us for more information.

Our goal is simple – we are dedicated to turning your challenges into opportunities. We combine creativity, strategy, and technology to develop innovative solutions and perfect your vision. We’ll help you create the best marketing solution to yield the returns you’re looking for, based on your goals and objectives. Let’s chat…

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