If you are a registered nonprofit, charity or public library in Canada, you may be eligible...

Get Access To Top Technology Resources


Canadian nonprofits, charities & public libraries can now access top technology resources without paying top dollar.

Your organization can get access to donated software from up to 30 companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, and Intuit.

Introducing the
Nonprofit Technology & Google Grant Management Program

What is the “Technology Donation Program”? The technology donation program offers donated and discounted technologies to qualified charities, nonprofits and libraries for an administrative fee that’s typically 90% less than market value. Qualified organizations can order donated and discounted software, such as Microsoft Office, Bitdefender Anti-Virus, and ReadyTalk, through this program. How is this possible? Through the generosity of technology donors and their commitment to helping the nonprofit sector.

Since 2003, over 31,000 nonprofits, charities, and libraries in Canada have saved over $362 million worth of software and hardware.

We can help Canadian nonprofits, charities, and libraries achieve greater impact by helping you to apply for this program. Through this program, we can help connect nonprofit organizations with affordable technologies, so they can invest the majority of their resources into what counts: their mission. This program is applied for through TechSoup Canada. TechSoup Canada is a program of the Centre for Social Innovation, and a member of the TechSoup Global Network.

In addition to the free tools the even bigger win in our opinion is the exclusive ability to apply for the Google for Nonprofits Program. This program offers qualified organizations access to free versions of paid Google products and special features designed for nonprofits. These tools can help nonprofits find new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and get supporters to take action. When we say FREE let’s explain a little more… If you fit these criteria

  • Organizations must be currently registered with TechSoup Canada, TechSoup Global’s regional arm.
  • Organizations must be Canadian Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Canadian Federal Non-profits registered with Industry Canada, or Canadian Provincial Non-profits registered with their corresponding provinces or territories.

Office Guardians can help you apply for this Google Ad Grant and you can receive up to $10,000 of AdWords advertising a month to promote your website on Google.ca through keyword targeting. YES we said up to $10,000. of AdWords credit a month – it’s quite ok if your mind is blown at this point. You can receive as much as $120,000 for the year in FREE Google Advertising, and it can take a lot of work to have that free money truly make an impact for your organization. We work alongside non-profits and manage your Google Grant for you at a low price you can afford to invest.

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How does Office Guardians fit into this process?
  1. We will work with you to provide you with the assistance to qualify for this grant (If needed). That could mean helping you with the application process.
  2. Once you have started the process Office Guardians can set up a Google AdWords account for your non-profit
  3. If you do not have a website, Office Guardians can work with you to create your first Website.
  4. If your existing website is not responsive, being maintained, or needs an SSL certificate; we can support your non-profit with these changes.
  5. If your existing website does not have SEO throughout your website we can set this up for you.
  6. Once you have all of these factors in place we can work with your non-profit to create AdWords that point your new traffic in the right direction.
  7. Since one of the requirements is continual updates to your AdWords account, Office Guardians can set you up on a monthly plan to ensure that you never fall out of eligibility to this process.
  8. Each month Office Guardians can put together a Google Analytics report showing how much traffic Google is driving to your website, so you can see your grant at work!
  9. Each month Office Guardians can work with you to tweak where people are going on your site, if you have a new event, for instance, we can set up a new page on your website and drive some of the traffic there to increase awareness for your event, and so on.
  10. Working with Office Guardians in coordination with your New Grant will bring attention to your non-profit in a way you never thought possible before now.
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  • Free access to Google Apps. A range of cloud programs you can use for office administration, including Gmail, Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Presentations, Forms/Surveys, Calendar, Chat, Drive (a cloud file storage system) and Sites.
  • Google Ad Grants. Receive up to $10,000 of AdWords advertising a month to promote your website on Google.ca through keyword targeting
  • AdWords Express (AWX). Creating an ad is easy. Select your audience, write three lines about your business, and set your budget. AdWords Express automatically manages where and when your ads will appear on Google. No keywords to choose, no ongoing maintenance
  • Premium access to YouTube. Increased uploading capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnail images, and call-to-action overlay on your videos.
  • Free licensing for Google Earth Pro. Create a custom map of your project sites in 10-minutes with Google Maps, create a narrative Google Earth movie and make it available on YouTube, collect data in the field with Android devices and Open Data Kit and map your data.

First you need to apply to be a Google Nonprofit. Joining the program is fairly simple – you certify that you adhere to Google’s policies.

There are three steps involved in signing up: Sign Up as an Individual, Register your Organization, and Submit Documents. The application is sent to Google and you typically hear back in 7-10 days. The Google for Nonprofit program has some great tools even without the grant, making it worth signing up regardless.

Once you’ve become a Google Nonprofit, it’s time to enroll your organization in the Google Grant program. This requires a bit more work as you need to not only describe how you plan to use the grant through campaigns, but you also need to create an Adwords account that is correctly configured for the grant. Once you click “enroll,” you await a decision from Google.

Please see Google’s eligibility criteria. You will find out whether or not your organization is eligible after you submit your application to Google for Nonprofits.

Yes, all Canadian charities and nonprofits must first register with TechSoup Canada. Based on the information and documentation you provide at registration, we will validate your organization’s legal status and activities.

Once we have validated your organization, you can apply for Google for Nonprofits using your validation token.

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Before you even begin the process towards securing a grant from Google, you need to ask yourself: Will we be able to manage this grant? If you don’t have the bandwidth to regularly login, update, and create new campaigns, Google will suspend or cancel your grant and you will have wasted a lot of time and energy.

If you know your nonprofit would benefit and grow from a Google Grant but need help securing it and managing your campaigns month after month – give us a call or email us at info@officeguardians.marketing to join our Google Grant Management program. You’ll not only receive an Adwords expert to manage your grant, you’ll be getting expert help and opinions on designing landing pages, keyword research, performance reports, and how to draw in online donations.

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